Retrieved 23 November 2013. In 1749, development of the prestigious district of Frederiksstaden was initiated. 55 In December 2009 Copenhagen gained international prominence when it hosted the worldwide climate meeting COP15. On his initiative at the beginning of the 17th century, two important buildings were completed on Slotsholmen : the Tøjhus Arsenal and Børsen, the stock exchange. Municipalities are responsible for a wide variety of public services, which include land-use planning, environmental planning, public housing

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management and maintenance of local roads, and social security. It began on the evening of 20 October, and continued to burn until the morning of 23 October, destroying approximately 28 of the city, leaving some 20 of the population homeless. Hellerup is the city's northernmost district with a central city feeling. The city was also struck by two major fires which destroyed much of its infrastructure. Retrieved 3 December 2013.

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225 Copenhagen has long been associated with beer. 218 219 Cuisine edit For a broader look at this topic, see Danish cuisine. 143 It was Christian IV who first developed its landscaping in 1606. 10 Many historians believe the town dates to the late Viking Age, and was possibly founded by Sweyn I Forkbeard. 83 In their efforts to deal with drugs, the police have noted considerable success in the two special drug consumption rooms opened by the city where addicts can use sterile needles and receive help from nurses if necessary. Check date values in: accessdate ( help ) a b "Københavns historie siden 1914" (in Danish). Flint, Sunshine (September 2011). However, 2010 was an exceptional year for city break tourism and turnover increased with 29 in that one year. 116 117 Life science is a key sector with extensive research and development activities.